In keeping with the University's mission to be recognized for the quality and impact of its research, teaching, and service, the vision for the Champion Intergenerational Center in conjunction with the University has taken shape over several years and opened in November 2015.

Aging Connections is an evolving resource so please let us know if you have any questions regarding the Intergenerational Center.

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An Intergenerational Center

Research, education and training is the foundation of the program, fostering a high quality of care and improved quality of life for the children and adults served. Growth and education occur throughout the lifespan. Imagine a place where:


Why an Intergenerational Center?


The concept of an Intergenerational Center has been supported by a number of university initiatives over the last few years (faculty survey, World Café visioning event, interprofessional faculty education/research planning group, etc.), dating back to the formation of a Governance Committee of top University leaders in 2010. Throughout this work, there was enthusiastic support for an Intergenerational Center as a university/community collaboration, which would offer a unique and wide array of benefits both to the participants at the Center, those across the wider neighborhood and community, and the collaborative partners who are committed to the creation of a center of excellence. Some of the benefits include:


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Community Partners

The Champion Intergenerational Center is operated as a University/Community partnership as a model in child and adult care, serving children, adults and caregivers throughout Central Ohio.



Lead Colleges


The Colleges of Medicine, Social Work and Nursing share a strong philosophical commitment to this vision and through written agreement provide administrative oversight and ongoing financial support for staffing and daily operations of intergenerational and interprofessional programming at the Center, which includes:


The Office of Geriatrics and Interprofessional Aging Studies in the College of Medicine has been actively involved in leading this initiative forward, and continues to be involved in administrative capacities once the Center is established. See

The overall mission of the Office is to foster through teaching, research and consultation the cost effective delivery of high quality health and social services to meet the needs of society's older citizens. The Office strives to provide coordinated education, research, practice, and service opportunities in geriatrics and gerontology while enhancing and supporting the initiatives of individual departments, schools and colleges across the OSU campus to meet the demographic imperatives of our aging society.



Former Poindexter Community Building, adjacent to University Hospital East

240 N. Champion Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43203



Each weekday, approximately 56 children and 50 older adults are in attendance at the Center.


OSU Faculty Collaborative Opportunities

Follow this link to an informational brochure about interprofessional and intergenerational teaching, research and outreach efforts that take place at the Center. These initiatives represent the interests of a core group of interprofessional OSU faculty members when asked "what could be" at the proposed Intergenerational Center. With the primary focus on intergenerational initiatives and what's best for the older adults, children and families that look to the Center for their care, this overview is used to guide priorities, discussions, and the creation of intergenerational programming curriculum/activities, associated research, and teaching efforts that take place at the Center.


If you would like additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Elizabeth Speidel, Intergenerational Program Manager, at or 614-253-2266.