We have listed over 50 OSU faculty and staff who are in the field of aging at The Ohio State University below.  These faculty and staff come from multiple colleges across the OSU campus, and are teaching course in aging, caring for older patients, conducting research in aging, and much more.  By reviewing the information for the aging professionals listed below, we hope you will be able to connect and collaborate with other professionals in the field of aging.

Aging Connections is an evolving resource so please let us know if you would like to be added to the faculty and staff list below or if you wish to update your information.   

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Faculty and Staff

William B. Malarkey

William S. Marras

Julie A. Maurer

Kathryn R. Maxwell

Maria Mihaylova

Alice Mims

Mary Alice Momeyer

Robert A. Murden

Xuan Nguyen

Christopher Nguyen

Anne Noonan

Janine Overcash

Jill N. Porterfield-Baxa

Ruchika Prakash

Carolyn Presley

Carmen Quatman

Catherine Quatman-Yates

Patrice Rancour

Joy Reilly

Monica Robinson